Maid Service Common Curtsies

Though this may seem counter intuitive, after all you are paying the maid service in Dubai to come and clean your home, there are somethings that you should do to improve your relationship with your maid service.

You are not contract bound to do these, but if you do, then it is a sign to your maid that you acknowledge her as a person and value her contribution in keeping your house clean. Here is a list of things you can do to make sure that your maid service is concentrating on the jobs that are more time consuming and labour intensive than wasting time in doing chores that you can do in a few minutes.

Tidy up: If you do this, then the maid can concentrate on getting the vacuuming done or the floors cleaned.
> Pick up the things lying around on the floors, tables and counter tops to clear the space for the maid to clean. Remove all the mail, toys, clothes. Secure away the cash and valuables to reduce the risk of theft and also for your own peace of mind.

> Rinse the Dishes: Often we stick the dishes into the sink without rinsing them out. The food particles dry up and stick to the pans making dishwashing a more complicated and time consuming. Rinse out the dishes with water before placing them in the sink. Also, fill the dishes with water to make them easy to clean when the maid arrives.

>Check the Clothes: If you want your maid to do the laundry, then help her out by checking the clothes. Empty out the pockets and if there are any spots or marks that need to be treated, you could do it before hand. Segregate the clothes according to the wash loads so the maid doesn’t have to take that decision and you can benefit of having your whites and coloreds washed separately. Any delicate clothes that need special wash should be segregated, as must the clothes that tend to bleed.

>Clear the counter space in the kitchen: Put away all the things that do not need to be on the kitchen counter so the maid doesn’t have to waste time in stowing away things or moving them around as she is cleaning and dusting.

>Tidy up the wash room: remove any clothes and towels that are hanging around and keep away unnecessary things that you do not need to clear the counter space and make it easy for the maid to clean the washroom.

>Create a list: if you haven’t done it already, create a to-do list for your maid so she knows exactly what needs to be done. Mark the priority jobs so she can do those first avoiding confusion. Most homes have a standard list of task for regular maid service in Dubai, you too should create one and add on any extras on a need to do basis.

>Clear communication: This is the most important part of any maid – client relationship. Communicate clearly so that the maid understands exactly what is required of her and how you prefer to get things done.
Show appreciation: once the work is done, you should let the maid know that you appreciate her work. You can begin by thanking her and if you are very pleased with the job, you may wish to give her a tip sometime.

Following the tips above you can get more work out of your maid service in Dubai than you thought possible.

Get Your Cleaning Services in Dubai To Use Green Cleaners

cleaning services in dubai
Clean your toilets with green cleaners.

How to Clean Your Toilet Naturally

Toilets can be the bane of all cleaning services in Dubai. There is hardly a more labor intensive cleaning area in the house as a toilet. The tiled walls, toilet seat, washbasin, shower area, various drains, soap scum, etc. all make a very hard job of cleaning a toilet. While chemical cleaners may be the choice for an easy and quick clean, they do leave toxic fumes in a toilet that can be harmful to humans. Since toilets need to be cleaned regularly, it is much better to use a non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaner to clean the toilets.

Cleaning Toilet Bowl

Vinegar – this is perhaps the most useful ingredient in your kitchen. It is cheap and it is always present. It is also a great cleaner. Use vinegar to clean the toilet bowl. No need for any bleach or chlorine based cleaners to clean your toilet bowl or remove the stains. Vinegar works just as well. Use a paste of baking soda and water to clean and deodorize the toilet and then some rubbing alcohol to sanitize it.

Cola – Yes the cola you drink also makes an excellent toilet cleaner. If you have a bottle of flat cola, use it to remove stains and calcium deposits from the toilets. Use it just as you would use a toilet cleaner and watch your toilet bowls become shiny and clean.

Mold and Mildew

With so much of humidity in the toilets, it is no wonder that you see mold and mildew in the toilets. If there is not enough ventilation or if you do not dry your toilet properly, the problem can become serious and needs to be tackled. Mildew can grow in the corners of the shower, around the toilet bowl, near the washbasin, around the drains and especially the shower curtains.


Vinegar – Here again vinegar comes to the rescue. Wash the area with mildew with vinegar and scrub it with a brush till all the mold and mildew disappears. Wash with warm water with salt added to it to prevent the mildew from growing back again. If it is the shower curtains, then treat the spots with vinegar and allow to dry. Wash in the washing machine with 1 cup of vinegar and your usual laundry detergent. Dry out in the sun before replacing the curtain back. The mildew will be gone.

You can keep mildew from growing in your toilet by making sure that the toilet remains well ventilated and dry at all times.

Tiles and Grout

Tiles and the grout between the tiles can get really dirty and hard to clean. But before you reach for a commercial toxic cleaner, use this:

Baking Soda and Borax – Make a paste of baking powder and borax with water and apply to the tile and grout. Leave for a bit and then scrub the area clean. The tiles will be clean.

The same paste can be used to clean the drains of soap scum, bath tub as well as the washbasin.

Make sure the cleaning services in Dubai that you hire use eco-friendly and green cleaning products while cleaning your toilet.

Residential Cleaning : Kitchen and Bathroom

Climate and Health Issues: Cleaning Services in Dubai

Dubai is a hot, humid and dusty place and residential cleaning services in Dubai have a hard time trying to stay on top of the various cleaning and hygiene issues that can crop up in such a climate. The two places that can affect health the most in any place whether at home or in an establishment are the kitchen and the bathroom. The cleaning and hygiene routines have to be followed carefully.

cleaning services in dubai
Clean Kitchen is Essential for Healthy Living

Why Kitchen and Bathrooms?

Any place in a house which has water and heat together is bound to be a good breeding ground for pathogens like bacteria, fungus and mould. These pathogens are mostly invisible to us and if they are not dealt with in a decisive manner can infect us and cause diseases.

When you add food and other organic matter to the heat and humidity, you have on hand a situation that is ready to explode anytime. This is the reason why cleaning services in Dubai have to pay proper attention to these two areas of the house to prevent diseases.

Cleaning the Kitchen

It is very hard to keep a kitchen dry at all times. There is so much going on that there is always some moisture somewhere in the kitchen which will encourage the growth of pathogens. From wet dish cloth to the kitchen sink, practically everything is teeming with pathogens. Not all of which are harmful, but some of them are and that can cause a problem.

Tips to clean a kitchen:

  • Clean all the kitchen cloths and wipes in hot water and dry them out in the sun before using them. You need to do this every day.
  • Clean all the kitchen surfaces with hot water and soap every day and especially before preparing meals.
  • Clean the cooking stove or hob after every meal. Make sure that you clean all around it and if it is a counter top one, under it for any food spills. Same goes for all other kitchen appliances that you may use.
  • Change the cleaning sponges and cloths at regular intervals or wash and dry them after every use. Best way to clean the sponges and tea cloth is to put them in a microwave oven for 2 -3 minutes, this should generate enough heat to kill most bacteria breeding in it.
  • Use a disinfectant to clean the sink and the area around it every day at least once a day. Use bleach to clean the kitchen drains at least once a week.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Besides cleaning the toilet bowl and the wash basin, there is a lot of other places in the bathroom where pathogens can grow. The shower cubicle is perhaps the most vulnerable of all.

cleaning services in dubai
Microwave sponges to disinfect them

Tips for Cleaning The Bathroom

  • Wipe and dry the shower area after a shower.
  • Install a dehumidifier or a strong extractor fan to extract the moist air out and dry the washroom quickly.
  • Clean and wipe all the surfaces with hot soapy water or a disinfectant.
  • Clean the tiles and grout regularly
  • Change or clean the shower curtains regularly to avoid mildew.

If you clean your kitchen and toilets well enough, you should be able to avoid a lot of common infections.

Dust Storm Cleaning Services in Dubai

Dust Storms and Cleaning After It

One of the most destructive forces of nature you will come into contact with in Dubai are the dust storm. The sand particle laden winds come in from the desert and cover the area in a kind of sand fog. These dust storms can be damaging to health as well as property. The cleaning services in Dubai are efficient with dealing with the huge amount of dust brought in by these storms. The roads and the exteriors are cleaned up quickly and efficiently but the house and residential cleaning are left to the occupants.

cleaning services in Dubai
Sand Storm Raging

When the storm rages, it not only covers everything outside in dust, but the fine particles somehow find their way into the houses too. Dust settles over every available surface. This happens even if you have all the doors and windows tightly shut. If you were unfortunate enough to leave a door or a window open, then you are in for a huge amount of work, getting the sand out of everything. If it gets into your electronic appliances, they get damaged.

Preparing for a storm

The best defense is to be prepared for the dust onslaught. You can do this by sealing your house as best as you can. But you cannot seal it off 100 %. There is always going to be some amount of cleaning always to be done after a sand storm.

The best way to cut out the amount of dust that enters your house is to have doors and shutters that seal well against the frames. Any gaps are an invitation to the dust. You should cover all opening with thick cloth. This means having thick curtains inside the house and also have cloth blinds that can be tied down on the outside of every window. When there is a dust storm warning, remember to tie these down and then shut all the windows and shutters and bolt them. Do not use the Air-conditioner during the storm to prevent any dust from getting in through it. Rolling the carpets and rugs and covering

Then you have to sit and wait for the storm to get over.

After Sand Storm Cleaning Services in Dubai

Once the wind has died down, it is time to take a look at the amount of dust that is in and around the house. If you are lucky and the storm is not a very violent one, you may get away with just a bit of dusting and vacuuming. After a big storm there is a lot of work laid out for you. If you have an apartment with minimal open areas, you are in luck. For those with gardens or yards, a storm can be a real problem. The dust and sand that it brings in, has to be removed. That can be quite a palaver and you might want to hire cleaning services in Dubai to help you with the cleaning up.

People living in apartments have a lot less work than those living in houses with gardens or yards. The dust and sand that the storm brings in, has to be removed. That can be quite a palaver and you might want to hire cleaning services in Dubai to help you with the cleaning up.

Cleaning the house means dusting every surface and everything in the house. The dust settles on even the smoothest of surfaces so everything has to be carefully gone over with a duster. The rugs, mats and carpets can soak up a lot of dust and they need to be vacuumed and cleaned.

If it is a particularly heavy storm, then the dust can get into wardrobes, cupboards and closets. You will need to clean out these too.

Looking at the amount of work this involves, you should look up cleaning services in Dubai.

Christmas Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

Hiring Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

Dubai is a vibrant and cosmopolitan place where services are easily available. There is a large workforce of people who are ready to do domestic work like cleaning. So it is not too difficult to find deep cleaning services in Dubai. All you need to do is look online and pick one that fits your budget and offers services that you require.

When hiring a maid in Dubai or engaging a cleaning service, it is good to compare prices and services before hiring. Also, it is good to ask your family, friends and co-workers for referrals to some good cleaning services in Dubai. This is particularly important if you are hiring for the first time or newly arrived. Doing proper research before hiring a cleaning service will make a big difference in the end. It will ensure that you have a reliable, honest and punctual cleaner who will complete the work to your satisfaction.

cleaning services in Dubai
Deep cleaning includes sanitizing too.

What are the Inclusions for Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai?

When hiring a cleaning service for Pre-Christmas deep cleaning you should ensure that they cover the following areas:

Dusting: the entire house all the surfaces, fans, light fixtures, furniture, all little knick-knacks you have around the house.

Sweeping: The floor of the entire house including the landing. If you have a yard or balconies, make sure that they sweep it all up.

Vacuuming: the whole house, all the upholstered furniture, rugs, mats and carpets. Between the sofa cushions, the mattresses on the bed, etc.

Mopping: All the floor area with a wet mop and a floor sanitizer.

Wiping: All the kitchen and toilet surfaces. The cabinet doors and pantry. The door frames, doors, window sashes and sills. Shower area and shower curtains. All switch-boards to remove finger marks.

Stain Removing: from all the walls, floors as well as rugs, carpets and mats. Pay special attention to the kitchen sink and the washbasins in all the washrooms. Any stains or marks on toilet bowls should also be removed. Any tiled area especially the backsplash around the sink and washbasins as well as the shower tiles. Clean the grout between the tiles.

Cleaning: all the appliances in the house with special attention to the kitchen appliances like the oven, cooktop and refrigerator. Cleaning all the cupboards inside out.

Sanitizing: The floor in the whole house needs to be sanitized. The carpets and rugs have to be cleaned and sanitized. The switchboards, door and window handles and knobs should be cleaned and sanitized as should the bath, toilet and washbasins.

Polishing: All silver, brass and metal furnishings and fixtures should be polished well to remove tarnish and clean. All mirrors and glass need to be cleaned and polished.

Garbage: Collect all the trash and dirt and throw it in the garbage. Remove garbage from the house.

Treat neglected areas: While cleaning, areas like the ceilings, under the sink and washbasins, behind the toilets and hard to reach areas such as the attic are often neglected. The cleaners should include these areas in their cleaning schedule. Dust and remove cobwebs from ceilings.

Extra Cleaning

Christmas requires the whole house to look festive, this may require that you change the curtains, the cushion and pillow covers, the throw covers and perhaps replace bath mats, shower curtains and door mats that are particularly dirty. You may also want to change the bedding and polish your special occasion crockery and cutlery. You can include these jobs in your instructions and the cleaners might ask you for a bit extra to do all this. But if you do not have time, it might make sense o ask the cleaning services in Dubai to handle it.

Now that you know what it takes to deep clean your house, you can call TM Cleaning the Deep Cleaning experts in Dubai.

Why Hire Cleaning Services in Dubai For Christmas

Christmas Cleaning Services in Dubai

It is the festival time of the year, Christmas and then New Year are both around the corner. Most of us have been busy finishing the last moment rush of work before the holiday season begins. Whether you are going away to celebrate Christmas with family or staying back in Dubai, the house needs a cleaning before Christmas. It is time to start looking for reliable residential cleaning services in Dubai.

cleaning services in dubai
Enjoy Christmas Don’t Stress Cleaning

Reasons to Hire Cleaning Services in Dubai

Let us be honest here, no one likes to get their hands dirty if they can help it. I have yet to meet anyone who likes cleaning and washing. Especially when it comes to cleaning up for a festival or a special occasion. That kind of cleaning takes a lot of time and effort and after a heavy work schedule that is the last thing one wants to do. So that is reason number one to find a cleaning service to take care of your pre-holiday season cleaning.

There is a lot of work to do before Christmas. There is shopping to do, buying presents and gifts for everyone. Then there is the gift wrapping, the Christmas tree and the festive decorations to put up. Let us not forget to mention the cooking and baking that is quintessential to Christmas celebrations. That is quite a full schedule for anyone. For a working woman, it would be impossible to squeeze in cleaning up. That is your reason number two for hiring a maid in Dubai.

With the holiday season around, you want to relax and look your best. You want to spend some time in pampering yourself and your family. When it is a choice between relaxing in a salon getting a much-needed beauty treatment or a massage and slogging over a sink or scrubbing toilets, anyone would choose the former. So while you are looking for reliable cleaning services in Dubai, don’t forget to look for a good beauty salon for yourself. That is reason number three.

If you are going away for the holiday, you do not want to return back to a dirty home. You would like to leave a clean home and return back to one too. Since you are away, the only way that can happen is if you hire a cleaning service to come in a clean while you are away. This will give you time to prepare for your vacation without being stressed about the small things.

If these reasons are not enough for you, here is another one. You are fortunate enough to be in Dubai where residential cleaning services are cheap and highly affordable. If you can afford to have help with residential cleaning why will you not hire a maid in Dubai? That I think is the most compelling argument to look for a cleaning service in Dubai.

A good place to start is which is a domestic services aggregator where you can book and hire a cleaning service online.

Benefits of Move-in Cleaning Services in Dubai

Stress of Moving In: Cleaning takes a back seat

Shifting houses, not only in Dubai but anywhere, can be an extremely stressful time for any homeowner. It is a time consuming and messy job and often takes several weeks of packing and preparing before moving into a new house. Once all your belongings are in the new place, there is more work to do with unpacking and setting up of the new home. This leaves very little time for cleaning up either the old place before moving out or the new place prior to moving in. This is the time when you wish someone would come and provide cleaning services in Dubai for your new home.

Why Moving In Cleaning is Required

Any house, whether it is newly built or has been occupied before needs attention before it can be made habitable. No space is absolutely clean if it has been unoccupied for any length of time. Often, the previous occupants do not pay much attention to the cleaning up after they have moved and leave junk behind for either lack of time or lack or consideration. Whatever the reason may be, this means that the new occupant, which in this case is you, needs to clean up the house before moving in.

Even though you may be moving into a new construction and the space looks apparently clean, it is still essential that you have the house cleaned properly before moving in. The main reason being that the building crew doesn’t really clean up as well as you would expect them to. Often you will find debris, dirty hand marks, spills and spots on the walls, floors, tiles and especially the sinks and the toilet bowls. This requires special attention before moving in.

What Moving in Cleaning Services in Dubai Do

cleaning services in dubai
Sink needs attention

Moving in cleaning is not just plain old cleaning off a house, it means cleaning as well as sanitizing of the place before you shift in. This requires a lot of time and effort, which you, in your stressed out state, should not undertake on your own. It is best to hire a maid in Dubai or a cleaning service to come in and clean the house before you even arrive there. TM Cleaning is one of the best cleaning services in Dubai, which specialize in move in cleaning.

Moving in cleaning services in Dubai normally include the following in their cleaning packages:

  • Vacuuming and mopping of the floors
  • Cleaning the skirting
  • Removing any stains and spots from walls, skirting, and floors.
  • Cleaning the windows and the window panes.
  • Cleaning all internal glass and mirror fittings.
  • Removing the cobwebs
  • Dusting all the surfaces
  • Cleaning the wall tiles in the kitchen and the toilets
  • Wiping and dusting all the doors, door frames, and door handles/knobs. Sanitizing them.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the cooking area, cooking stove and the hood.
  • Ensure  all appliances such as refrigerators, deep-freezer, oven, washing, dryer, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. are clean and working.
cleaning services in dubai
clean and sanitize electrical fittings
  • Wiping and sanitizing all the electrical fittings such as light fixtures, fans, switches and switchboards.
  • Cleaning all the sinks, wash basins and toilet bowls and sanitizing them.
  • Cleaning carpet, rugs and mats if there are any.
  • Emptying out and cleaning all the wardrobes, cupboards and closets.
  • Checking and cleaning the drains.

As you can see, this is a pretty thorough cleaning schedule which covers almost everything. Hence, you should always consider hiring move in cleaning services in Dubai to lessen your burden. This will make the process of shifting easier on you.

If you are moving house contact TM cleaning for move in cleaning.