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Whether you are a busy working woman juggling work and home or a stay at home mom trying to meet all the schedules, commitments and demands the family makes, you need time for yourself. TM Cleaning gives you an opportunity to find some time for yourself that you can spend the way you want. We give you freedom from the chore of cleaning your home. Our residential cleaning services in Dubai ensure that you will never have to clean your home if you don’t wish.

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Residential Cleaning Supplies

Our Residential Cleaning Services in Dubai Include …..

We will do the dirty work for you. Our cleaning services in Dubai employ well-trained cleaners and maids that you can hire with confidence. Our expert cleaners are there to take over your house and give it a thorough clean so it remains sparkly clean. We will clean the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedrooms, and the living areas. We will dust, sweep, mop, vacuum and even remove stains and spots from the walls and rugs.

You can schedule to hire a maid in Dubai who will come in once a day, or once a week or twice a week, as per your schedule and clean the house as per your instructions.

Contact TM Cleaning and create your cleaning schedule now.

In addition, we also provide deep cleaning and move in cleaning services in Dubai.